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Make Sure You Don't Miss Out On Canoeing

Napier Repertory Players presents - Canoeing for Beginners

Frank (Chris Chambers) and Beryl (Sarah Graham) toast themselves on their insurance fraud.

Napier Repertory Players are delighted to announce tickets are now available for The Little Theatre’s end-of-year production Canoeing for Beginners which runs from November 15–25.

Written by award-winning actor-turned-playwright Mike Yeaman, Canoeing for Beginners is very loosely based on a famous tabloid press story – however, any similarity to persons living, or pretending to be dead, is purely coincidental.

Yeaman appeared in the UK TV series Finney and was a writer for Spitting Image. Canoeing for Beginners has been produced in theatres worldwide and in several different languages.

Detective Watts (Glenn Cook), Beryl (Sarah Graham) and Keith (Rob Franks) are confused about whose wine glass is whose.

Beryl and Frank are in their 60s, but they’ve never been able to manage money well. Frank comes up with an insurance scam to ensure them a comfortable retirement in the sun. But faking your own death isn’t easy - especially when you haven’t told your own kids and there’s a police liaison officer who never seems to clock off.

Beryl and Frank make a hasty escape and plan their new life from a seedy hotel room in Havana. It’s then that events turn completely beyond control. A dark comedy that builds to a frenetic farce with a surreal twist.

In his debut for Napier Repertory, director Steve Driver jumped at the opportunity to direct this show after seeing the ITV series The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe which is also based on the same news sensation. Driver says, “It never ceases to amaze me what people will do to get their hands on money, and this story is just one of those events.”

This comedy is the perfect way to end the year, great for an early Christmas function, or just to enjoy great comedy with a group of friends and family at The Little Theatre.

Napier Repertory Players presents: Canoeing for Beginners

November 15-25

Tickets available from:


● Napier Municipal Theatre

● I-Site Hastings

● I-Site Havelock North

● Napier Repertory Players website

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