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THE FATHER By Florian Zeller & Christopher Hampton Directed by Trevor Rose 5 - 15 June 2019, Little Theatre, Napier

Rob Dallas - Andre

Rob Dallas as Andre in THE FATHER

Rob has been pretending to be other people in public for much of his life. Starting with the March Hare at age 8, he continued the animal theme later in life going on to impersonate a dog, a wombat and a Womble. Among others he has been a criminal, a witch, a pirate, a tin man, a fairy godmother, a policeman, the devil and God.

In this production of "The Father", Rob plays the lead role of Andre, who was once a tap dancer. He lives with his daughter and her husband Antoine. Or was he an engineer whose daughter now lives in London with her new lover, Pierre? Why doesn't his other daughter, Elise, ever call him? And what has happened to his watch?

Secure your tickets now online: or by visiting iSite Havelock North, iSite Hastings or the Napier Municipal Theatre.


Photos courtesy of Ken Morrison Photography

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