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Warming Up Winter With One-Act Plays

New Zealand one-act plays for Napier Rep winter season

Napier Courier 17 May, 2023 12:45 PM2 mins to read

Yvonne Lorkin, Sarah Graham and Amy Edwards are claustrophobic in their elevator “cell" while rehearsing Elevator by Jess Sayer.

Napier Repertory Players are delighted to announce tickets are now available for The Little Theatre’s Winter One-Act Play Season, featuring two New Zealand plays that will run from Wednesday, June 7, until Saturday, June 17, says Napier Repertory Players president Glenn Cook.

Elevator is the story of three women, each with a very dangerous secret. When Harper, Samantha and Bridget are trapped in a broken-down elevator, keeping their secrets becomes harder than any of them thought.

“The masks are up. The smiles are on. Everybody has a story and they’re sticking to it,” Glenn says.

Penned by Jess Sayer and directed by Brylee Lamb, Elevator explores the idea of claustrophobia in all its many forms.

“The characters in Elevator are not only trapped physically but are also trapped in their own perceived wrongs — in secrets and in lies. The play features three amazing actors in Sarah Graham, Yvonne Lorkin, and Amy Edwards.”

Jigsaw, written by Hawke’s Bay actor and playwright Verona Nicholson, will debut on the Little Theatre stage as part of the Winter One-Act season. With a story based in Hawke’s Bay, four old school friends reunite and talk about “the good old days” — or were they? Politics, religion, sex — nothing is “off the table” for these women as they walk down memory lane putting together the puzzle pieces of their lives: full of things untold, unsaid, unremembered and unfinished.

Sandra Alsleben, Paula Wray, Rachel Keith and Kirsty Daly rehearse for Jigsaw by Verona Nicholson.

“Director Jacquie Hills has brought together a fabulous cast of Rachel Keith, Paula Wray, Sandra Alsleben, Kirsty Daly, and Mike Connolly to tell this tale.”

Tickets for these performances are available from: ● ● Napier Municipal Theatre ● i-Site Hastings ● i-Site Havelock North ● Napier Repertory Players website (

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