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What A Show!

It's been an incredible journey to bring this amazing piece of theatre to Hawke's Bay.

We had an incredible response from audiences who have loved this honest and confronting production

There are many people to thank for putting this together and bringing Florian Zeller's masterpiece The Father to life.

We must thank Napier Repertory Player's for being brave enough to present this kind of thought-provoking, raw, real theatre. This is what theatre should be about - Making you feel, making you think, presenting more questions than answers.🎭

Thanks also to Trevor Rose, our talented director, for his vision, patience, and expertise in bringing out the very best of his cast and crew. 😎

Thanks to our black-clad crew who worked tirelessly in the wings, moving furniture rapidly, serving meals, preparing "wine", enabling the rapid costume changes, and getting the lighting just right.👌👍

Thanks to our other volunteers who make the theatre experience what it is for our guests in the auditorium. We couldn't do this without you! ❤💕

And thanks to all those who came to watch! We hope that you experienced the high's and low's and the energy you can only get from Live Theatre. We hope to see you again at our next production.

Thank You! From the cast of "The Father"

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